3 Sales Playbook Tips Straight from the White House’s Official Playbook

3 Sales Playbook Tips Straight from the White House’s Official Playbook

The White House had released an official US Digital Services Playbook, in which, there were many ‘plays’ and ‘keys’ which had been drawn from practices which have remained successful. These practices have been used in both, the government and private sectors. The focus was mainly, on the improvement of facilities and services provided by the government. However, the content is applicable for sales if applied correctly. Specifically, there are three tips which can prove to be very helpful for B2B salespeople and marketers.

1.    Understanding People’s Needs

In order to reach the top of the B2B market, you need to firstly understand what your customers want and need. A sales playbook is most effective if it has been built around the concept of consumer analysis. Which means that the playbook should be designed in such a way, that the customers is the first and topmost priority. Through this, B2B sales representatives can establish a clear and better understanding of who their customers are and what they want. Since every B2B company or business has a different focus, it will help representatives understand what’s important.

The playbook should include a number of questions, customer related, which will help narrow down things so that they become even simpler. Questions can include, who is the target audience? Why are they the audience? Is our product made for that specific audience? Is it for both genders of the audience?

2.    Addressing the Buyer’s Journey – From Start to Finish

Just like it is important to outline the specific businesses sales process in a sales playbook, it is also highly important to concern the buyer’s journey as well. Often, salesmen have the wrong assumption that the process of sales aligns with the customer’s process of buying. That only happens in rare cases. It is likely that many buyers are engaged in the journey after a period of realization of their need.

They can also conduct the needed research and self-establish buying criteria which is most suitable for them.

As such, the sales playbook should cover every aspect of a sale which includes several stages and circumstances which can occur during the sales duration.

3.    Your B2B Sales Playbook should be Intuitive, yet Simple

Although this context has a completely different meaning in the eyes of the government, in the world of B2B, it means that your sales playbook should be a guide. To the company’s sales representatives, the sales playbook needs to be the ultimate sales guide which can take them through from a-z. This includes covering all possible situations in the future, possible scenarios during sales pitching, etc. However, all of this needs to be done in the simplest of ways possible. This is so that it is easier for them to digest everything, and close a sales deal with more confidence and success.