Frequently Asked Questions

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What profile permissions are needed for Sales Coach Premium?
There are two ways to setup permissions. The easiest way is by using the included Permission Sets (version 1.16 and later). You will simply assign the “Sales Coach Premium Admin” or “Sales Coach Premium User” permission set to each user based on what level of access you want to give them.

If you don’t want to use permission sets, and want to control permissions on each profile, the below permissions will need to be given to users who will administer Sales Coach Premium:

Visualforce Pages:

  • SalesCoachPremo.SalesCoachSetup
  • SalesCoachPremo.SalesCoachViewer
  • SalesCoachPremo.SalesCoachLeadViewer
  • SalesCoachPremo.SalesCoachAccountViewer
  • SalesCoachPremo.SalesCoachContactViewer
  • SalesCoachPremo.SegmentationSetup
  • SalesCoachPremo.AdminTools

Custom Objects and Fields:

Stage (read/edit)

  • Lead Status (read/edit)
  • Opportunity Stage (read/edit)
  • Record Type Name (read/edit)
  • Object Type (read/edit)
  • Segmentation (read/edit)

Section (read/edit)

  • Order (read/edit)
  • Stage (read/edit)

Section Item (read/edit)

  • Order (read/edit)
  • URL (read/edit)
  • Section (read/edit)

Checklist Item

  • Checklist Description (read/edit)
  • Order (read/edit)
  • Stage (read/edit)

Segmentation Field (read/edit)

  • Active (read/edit)
  • API Name (read/edit)
  • Object (read/edit)

Segmentation Field Value (read/edit)

  • Segmentation Field (read/edit)
  • Value (read/edit)

Sales Coach Activity (read/edit)

  • Account (read/edit)
  • Activity Type (read/edit)
  • Contact (read/edit)
  • Content Link (read/edit)
  • Content Title (read/edit)
  • Date (read/edit)
  • Lead (read/edit)
  • Lead Status (read)
  • Opportunity (read/edit)
  • Opportunity Stage (read)
  • Record Type (read)
  • Sales Coach Page (read/edit)
  • Segmentation (read)
  • User (read/edit)
Is there a limit to how many sections I can have on a cheat sheet?

You can have as many sections as you want on a cheat sheet however with each new section that you create, the sections will become narrower to accomodate the sections

Do I have to use record types to use Sales Coach Premum

No, record types are not required to use Sales Coach Premium

Can you use custom fields to segment Sales Coach Premium cheat sheets?

Yes! With the new Advanced Segmentation feature in Sales Coach Premium, you can use custom fields (text, picklists and formula fields that result in text).

How do I update Sales Coach Premium?
To update Sales Coach Premium:

  1. Go to
  2. If it asks you to login, use the Salesforce login where you want to perform the update.
  3. You should see a list of apps that you have installed. Find Sales Coach Premium and click the “Update Available” button.
  4. From there you will follow normal install procedures.
What is advanced segmentation?

Segmentation allows you to create cheat sheets for specific combinations of field values on the opportunity or lead. By default, you can segment by the opportunity Stage and Record Type. On the advanced segmentation page, you can add additional fields to allow for more granular segmentation.

What kind of custom fields can be used for segmenting Sales Coach Premium cheat sheets?

You can use any picklist field, text field or formula field that results in text. The list of fields on the segmentation setup page automatically filters out the fields that are not available for segmentation.