Recruitment Season: Successful Lead Prospecting on LinkedIn

Recruitment Season: Successful Lead Prospecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn holds the crown as the top B2B social networking website. With versions in two dozen languages, the site claims 380 million registered members. Almost 120 million members are from the United States, but LinkedIn is popular all over North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia too.

Some people still only think of this social networking site as a place to network for job opportunities, but it also provides a great platform for prospecting for any type of sales lead.

The problem that most people have with LinkedIn is that it offers so many different opportunities that it’s hard to get started. With that in mind, it’s helpful to focus on the basics of successfully prospecting for leads on LinkedIn.

Work on Your Profile

Before deciding to move forward on their buyer’s journey with you, most other members will check out your profile. The importance of creating a focused, attractive, and professional profile can hardly be overstated. Of course, you should proofread for typos and put up an attractive and clear photo. However, you also need to review your profile to ensure that it presents the right image of you and your company.

Keep your profile focused on the task at hand. If you’ve been a LinkedIn member for years, it’s possible that you need to clean house to emphasize your current goals. If your current task is generating insurance leads, you may not need to spotlight your past career as a bartender. It’s not that your past occupations aren’t interesting, but they could be distracting.

Connect With Lots of Other Members

If you are new to this platform or just haven’t been very active, you aren’t likely to have made a lot of connections. The one thing to understand about LinkedIn is that connections lead to more connections. Take the time to reach out to likely prospects and even interesting people in related industries. Of course, you should respond when other people reach out to you as well.

Establish Yourself as a Helpful Authority

One of the best ways to enjoy plenty of warm leads is to establish yourself as an authority, and this is not that hard to do if you join and participate in some relevant groups. Groups contain message boards, and you can begin discussions and link to your website content from within them. If you post the right solutions, prospects are bound to come to you.

Don’t just approach these groups as a place to promote your own particular business or website. Do approach them as places where you would like to establish yourself as a helpful and knowledgeable personality. Besides starting your own threads, you should spend some time contributing to threads that other people start. Everybody likes attention, and you never know who can offer you some great referrals and introductions.

Keep it Up

As is true of so many things in life, winners on LinkedIn tend to be people who devote some time every day to perfecting their profiles, contributing to groups, and of course, making valuable connections. It might take some testing to find the optimum strategy for your own particular product. Meanwhile, Cloud Artillery can help you measure your effectiveness and stay focused on your sales and prospecting goals.